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Origin Of Bihu ( বিহু)

Performance Of Bihu
Bihu denotes three different festivals of Assam, celebrated by the Assamese and it is the National Festival of Assam. Its inclination is mainly on the agricultural side than the religious side. Bihu is a festival of rejoice, offer thanks and pray for a bountiful harvest celebrated by all the tribes and others regardless of what their caste, religion faith and beliefs.It is believed that the festival of Bihu originated in the pre – Aryan days around the 3500 BC. The name ‘Bihu’ is said to be originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Bishu’. It is also noted that the word ‘Bihu’ is derived from the ‘Dimasa’ community. Bi means "to ask" and Shu means "peace" and “prosperity”. The word Bishu gradually became Bihu for linguistic preferences.  Even though this festival has ancient significance and practices, it is eventually become a very popular urban festival in recent decades.

Bihu Dancer With Pepa
Instruments Needed For Bihu

The Bihu festival involves Bihu folk dance and songs. Instruments such like Dhol, Toka, Taal, Pepa, Gogona, Xutuli and Baanhi are used during this festival. Assamese considered their supreme god as Brai or Father Shibrai.  During this festival, the season’s first crop is offered to their god and they pray for peace and prosperity.

communities of Assam Tribal and non- tribal is akin to the place of Lai Haroba in the life of the people of Manipur.  It is celebrated by the Ahoms and Bihu is placed in the life of all heir sub- groups. Unlike the Lai Haroba , this is an agricultural festival which is dearer than anything else to the Asamiya.  They often repeated refrain of many songs is:

‘Very dear to me is the muga bobbin
Very dear is the shuttle;
Dearer still is the Bihu of Bahag
Could I do without it?’

Traditions Of Indian Folk Dance - Kapila Vatsyayan


  1. It is not only celebrated by the Ahoms but by the various tribes of Assam

  2. Bihu is celebrated throughout Assam by indigeneous tribes and people.

  3. Bihu is the soul of Assam.. without which one cannot even imagine the life.

  4. Bishu didn't come from Sanskrit. Please don't try to tweak the facts. And, Brai Shibarai is the term used by the Dimasa tribe to refer to their God.

  5. Nice!!! , I liked your Explanation.....